What I love about tea is how it is a beverage that can change your perception of time, place, and people. It can also change your perception of yourself and your life. It can change your perception of time. While you are taking your medicine, you might not realize that you are taking it. While you are cleaning your apartment, your mind might be on how you can save money and how you can be more attractive to women. It can all change and change you.

As you may know, warfarin is an anticoagulant that can be used to prevent blood clots in the arteries. It’s also prescribed to prevent blood clots in the veins because the veins themselves are not clogged. If you take warfarin, you’ll need to take it in small doses for three to six months or until you have an episode of your blood clots.

The downside of warfarin is that it can cause a bleeding disorder called von Willebrand disease, in which the immune system can’t respond fast enough to the anticoagulant. You could also get a blood clot in your brain, causing a stroke. As you might imagine though, a blood clot in the brain can cause things like seizures and memory loss.

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