Multiple myeloma is a very serious disease. It is also a disease where you can get so sick that you feel like you are dying. It’s a disease where you get extremely tired all the time and your appetite is diminished. In addition, you have a very difficult time eating anything for at least several days.

If you eat anything and feel hungry, there’s a good chance that you have multiple myeloma. I’ve been there and I can tell you from experience that the best thing you can do is to avoid food completely and try to get as much sleep as possible.

When you have multiple myeloma, you can’t eat anything and you have to keep having blood tests every five days. All it takes is one of these blood tests to be discovered with the disease and you are at risk for a much worse prognosis. The good news is there is a drug that can help you with multiple myeloma. The bad news is that while this drug may improve your condition, it is still not a cure since it could possibly cause side effects.

There are a few foods that you should avoid in the hopes of minimizing side effects, and there are a few drugs that may help you with your condition. That said, some of these foods are better to avoid than others. I personally advise avoiding the following.

I personally don’t like a lot of things that could cause you to have multiple myeloma. If you have multiple myeloma, you may already be considering switching to a different diet. If you are a dieter, you’ll really need multiple myeloma to improve your condition.

I’m sure you know the answer to that. I have seen someone talk to a nurse about it and they are adamant about taking the vitamins to help the patient with their condition. They have suggested several of these foods, but honestly, they are just not as effective as others.

For that reason, myeloma patients are advised to avoid eating anything with multiple ingredients.

Another reason is that these multiple myeloma vitamins are designed to boost your white blood cell count. But remember, multiple myeloma is also a cancer that attacks your blood cells. So if you have a poor white blood cell count, it will also cause a drop in your body’s ability to fight off the cancer.

This is why I recommend against eating a lot of these foods. And yes, I know that it’s weird to include multiple myeloma in the list, but that’s because a lot of myeloma patients have multiple health issues. And also, I’m a huge advocate of healthy eating and detoxing. The foods I’m referring to are those that are high in fats, and those that spike your blood sugar.

The foods you should avoid are: red meat, processed meats, processed sugars, dairy, and all kinds of processed vegetables and fruits. The same goes for alcohol.

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