A user from Saudi Arabia says the name Ahegao is of Arabic origin and means “Gift from god”. If you know how to pronounce Ahegao, simply click on the button to report. We’ll reserve it, evaluation it, and submit it to help others.Recordings from kids underneath 18 are not allowed. The word ahegao could be defined in English as “moaning face”.

The “e” is pronounced with an “eh” sound. The last “o” is pronounced with an “oh” sound, which can be emphasised. Write it here to share it with the whole group. Furigana are the smaller kana characters, printed over the kanji to point their pronunciation. If the word has a number of kanji characters, its furigana might be written on high of them.

A word can have one or different meanings. For each which means, a quantity of equivalents of the Japanese word might be introduced in English or other languages. The transliteration can even contain the pitch accent representation for the pronunciation of this word. In some cases, the same word may have totally different pitch accents, and typically the pitch accent is decided by the part of speech of the word. If that’s the case, will most likely be represented beside it. While some of the ahegao content material is completely harmless , a lot of it is X-rated.

Keep reading to search out the consumer submitted meanings, dictionary definitions, and extra. The enhance in recognition of anime, manga and hentai only result in additional sexualisation of me as a minor. When I was 15 I began to be groomed by a paedophile. He advised me he would never have children with a non white person to “protect racial traces.

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If studying concerning the rise of ahegao checks your hope in humanity, you are not alone. Sign up for premium, and you’ll play different consumer’s audio/video solutions. Pronunciation of ahegao in English, a free on-line English pronunciation dictionary. Isolde is a reputation 90days in months that could be unfamiliar to some, however it is one which has been well-liked within the United States for quite some time. It is a French name which means “island of the sun” or “isle of the sun”.