I’m not sure what this is, but I’m guessing it’s a type of syndrome, where it’s a way that girls become more interested in boys. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s kind of gross to me.

I’d love to be able to give a quick definition, but I think I’ll have to Google it. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to get a better definition.

You can’t make my head swim, I think it’s a funny way to explain it. I think it’s funny because you can’t even make your head swim.

If its a weird way to explain it, you should go search for cetosis. It is a form of asexuality.

Well, I have very little experience with this myself, so I must be the only person who has experienced it. But I can definitely tell you that it’s real and that its a horrible, disgusting, and totally disgusting life. It’s so gross and vile that if you’re ever tempted to do something like that, just remember that when you look in the mirror and see yourself, you are just a disgusting freak.

Cetosis is a form of asexuality. It’s when youre unable to get pregnant, but you still retain the body of your mother. It’s pretty much the opposite of asexuality, where youre unable to have any sexual interest in anyone whatsoever.

Its so disgusting, I think I might be allergic to it. We were all given a copy of a book called Que es La Cetosis. It was written in 2007 by a guy named Pablo Picasso and tells the story of the artist’s life and early death. The book is a fascinating read, so I highly recommend it. In it we learn that Picasso was sick for about two years, and that he ended up dying in the arms of a madwoman.

Ok, you got me. I’m so sorry. I just don’t get the way that’s written. I mean, Picasso, who is considered a genius, was married to a woman for over forty years and had a child with her. I don’t understand that either. I mean, that’s one hell of a story. But the other aspect of the story is that he didn’t do many of the things that we would consider “lovely” about a man… or woman.

So here is the thing. When I read that Picasso was married to a woman, I thought to myself, “Holy shit. I don’t remember that.

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